Nature in it's
pure state

The Farm

All farms have a history. This one begins in 2007, with a couple, Luis and Lurdes returning to their roots, through a sustainable project that respects nature, man, art and traditions. The trips they made with some regularity to Lurdes’s mother’s village – Vinhó, municipality of Gouveia, at the foot of the Serra da Estrela – they made their decision to acquire a property there. In the region there are stunning sceneries, authentic live portraits dominated by valleys of fertile lands.

The dream emerged with the acquisition of Farm Madre de Água – Hotel Serra da Estrela(License RNET nº 1408), with 16 hectares, where there existed some buildings in granite stone, a 40 year old vineyard plot, many olive trees, oak trees, chestnut trees, pine trees, century-old cherry trees, rock formations from the Glacier era and many water wells. This is the Farm that gives the name to the project Madre de Água, in which the logo represents an image of water crystals.

Our Facilities

After stabilizing the concept, a charming hotel with 10 rooms and a restaurant was built, where they welcome guests in a familiar environment. The project also includes a cheese factory, which combines tradition with new technologies in the art of producing the famous certified cheese of Serra da Estrela, a sheepfold and a herd of 500 sheep of the Bordaleira breed and a stud farm that praises and preserves the purebred Lusitana horse. The horse built with local materials – perfectly fit into the landscape – and there will be developed services associated with the horse and the art of riding. In the future a century-old wine cellar will be restored and additions will be made, and this is where the Madre de Água wines will be vinified. In this land there are also vineyards, olive trees and orchards dominated by the rocha pear, golden apple and the bravo Esmolfe apple, and many rose bushes with a variety of colors. Meanwhile other neighboring farms were acquired – Santo António, Regada, Caramuja Nossa Senhora do Porto – totaling an area of 60 hectares where all of these buildings are being built.



Cheese Factory

Stud Farm


Olive Grove

Our Mission

It is obvious that one cannot forget to mention that one of the main reasons for all of this passion is the love that Lurdes has for animals. At a very young age she began to defend animal causes, with particular focus on stray dogs. Thus, in this project spaces and conditions were created to receive animals that are now a part of the daily routine of the property. It is for all of these reasons that visiting Farm Madre de Água – Hotel Serra da Estrela (License RNET nº 1408) is not only visiting a simple farm. There is much to see, feel and discover. Because it was all done with great passion, respect for nature and for animals. And because its mission and social responsibility is also to make known this way of life.

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