Basket d’arrosage

35.00 30.00

1 Terras Madre de Água Encruzado (0.75L)

1 Experimentum Merlot (0.75L)

1 Madre de Água Touriga Nacional (0.75L)

1 Wooden box

The sublime box of Madre de Água wines for all types of occasions. Composed by:

  • Gama Terras Madre de Água Encruzado, an appealing wine with delicate aromas of light citrus notes, with a vibrant and refreshing acidity.
  • Gama Experimentum Merlot,a wine with a medium body and light acidity, with an aroma of black pepper, nutmeg and rosemary.
  • Gama Madre de Água Touriga Nacional, a wine with an intense aroma, floral and robbed, with toasted notes. Complex flavor, soft tannins with a long and unexpectedly elegant finish.

Origin: DOC Dão e IGP Terras do Dão

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Average nutrition declaration per 100gr of product: 
See technical information for each of the products.

Responsible company: Madre de Água, LDA

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*Campaign valid from March 1 to December 31, 2022. Limited to existing stock.

35.00 30.00