From our Farm to your table

Living in Communion

Living in harmony with nature, respecting it, loving it. That’s what visitors do when they pass through Madre de Água’s gates. The word nature comes from the Latin word natura, which means essential quality, innate disposition, the course of things and the universe itself. Man getting together in harmony with plants, with animals, and reaching spiritual well-being.

By purchasing Farm Madre de Água – Hotel Serra da Estrela, Luís Gonçalves and Lurdes Perfeito not only took care of nature, but improved its performance by investing in orchards and in gardens that enhanced the landscape’s beauty and feeds those who come by.


Farm Madre de Água – Hotel Serra da Estrela has orchards with various kinds of fruit trees. There is a bit of everything here, there are golden and bravo esmolfe apples, the rocha pear, peach and cherry trees, plum and persimmon trees. A cultural heritage that beautifies the landscape that needs a lot of time devote to it, because most of the fruit trees require hard work.

The satisfaction of harvesting and eating fresh fruit is very rewarding, because the fruit grows healthily, without any chemical treatments.

Madre de Água Jams